Mementos Studio

About us

Photo printing company that is situated in Bahrain , provide its services mainly to Photographers around the world specialized in photo album making , Wooden Photos Frame , canvas and more coming soon

Young woman working in printing factory. Printing Press

Fabric Materials

Luxurious high end smooth material that is soft to touch and highly durable with great finishing on boxes and album covers Imported from the finest material factories 


Plates colors

Customized highly professional handmade plates that depends on precise measurements and accurate mixture that can be repeated to a percentage of 40% only due to highly artist dependence art. Included with high end foiling materials with 3 different colors that gives the final touches to the plate. 

Luxury Box

Creating Awareness


Dzukou is a high altitude valley in the Himalayan state of Nagaland. When a group of Naga People were looking for a suitable place to inhabit, a young scout was sent. He found the valley, but it was too cold, uninhabitable and nothing edible grew. To this day, the stunning Dzukou valley, home to the rare Dzukou lilies, remains far from civilization and mostly untouched